Whether you already have a generator or you are thinking about buying one - we can connect it into your system as required. You don't have to worry about backfeeding power into the utility lines. You can choose between a transfer switch, a generator panel or a " Generlink " connection. All three options will work for your manual system. If you should like a fully automatic transfer switch that will work even when you are not at home, then we recommend getting a " Guardian " generator by " Generac ".

Home generators operate automatically during a power outage to supply homes with emergency backup electrical power. When a power outage occurs, a standby generator detects the outage immediately and begins to supply electrical power within seconds.

We are an authorized service dealer for all " Generac " air-cooled propane and natural gas power generators. This means that we will come and discuss your requirements for those times when the lights go out. We will find a nice location on your property for your unit considering the surroundings both visually and aurally. All units are installed on a concrete base approximately 6-8" thick to prevent any shifting from freeze and thaw cycles. They are also bolted to the pad for security. Whether you would just like power for your fridge and water pump or you prefer seamless operation where you may not even know the power is out, we can discuss the options and help you choose the right generator for you.

We also service what we install. Upon agreement we will perform an annual maintenance service to make sure your unit is ready when you need it.

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